Buildings & Grounds

WVU has made a strong commitment to apply sustainable building practices and the use of alternative products that are economical while minimizing risks to human health and the environment. WVU has incorporated sustainable design in Oglebay Hall, a LEED certified building, and Brooks Hall, which has several sustainable features including a vegetated roof (green roof). The greenhouse is also LEED certified.

Facilities Management purchased 12 Cushman vehicles in 2007 for P1010040_opt transporting workers and cargo between The Downtown and Evansdale campuses. These vehicles are more compact, making them more maneuverable in the tight downtown spaces. They average 40 miles per gallon, which increases operational efficiency and decreases carbon emissions. Facilities Management contributes to reducing building emissions by such methods as retro-commissioning older buildings, instituting nighttime temperature setbacks, and incorporating weatherization efforts.