Transportation Fair 2011 (view as slideshow)

The 2011 Transportation Fair educated adults and children about alternative modes of transportation.

Transportation Fair Booth

Getting the Youth Involved

Sustainable Lessons


The 2011 Transportation Fair aimed to educate both adults and children about alternative modes of transportation.

The kids had no trouble naming alternative ways of getting around town! After all, they ride mass transit (the school bus) almost every day, and they love to bike, skateboard, and rollerblade. Hopefully they'll keep up these sustainable practices even as they get older!

A group of young campers learned about ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at the 2011 Transportation Fair.

Getting the Full Picture

Demonstrating the Traffic Counter

Lessons Learned


The young campers were led through all the booths at the 2011 Transportation Fair to learn all aspects of alternative modes of transportation. And they had a blast while doing it!

The traffic counter, which measures the number of cars on the road and their directionality, was a hit with the campers!

By teaching our youth about sustainability, WVUWeCan aims to generate awareness within the local community.